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Landscape garden dedicated carbon to fat
发布单位: 发表时间:2018-09-25

Product features:

(patent no. : ZL201410202087.0). Strong stems, thick leaves, well-developed roots, significantly improved disease resistance and drought resistance. Especially in the big tree transplant to promote live, south tree north anti - freezing aspect, the effect is remarkable.

Straight dry shaping, fast production: this product by increasing the natural arrangement of the tight degree of cells, so that the trunk straight strong, straight green wax rod (as straight as a candle), natural distribution of branches, body stretch, beautiful. Plant growth was faster than that of traditional fertilizer, and increased by 20% to 50% year on year.

No tillage broken plate, easy application: this product is dissolved in water and directly absorbed by the root system; Continuously improve the soil and break the soil. Apply with water, spray before rain or drip irrigation.

This product is applicable to all kinds of soil, and can be directly provided for gardens, flowers and plants.

Usage and dosage: apply fertilizer of 10kg/mu, fertilizer of 30-50kg/mu.